Monken Ideal

Mon KEN ideal is a great supporter of everything home and building construction.  From renting or buying construction equipment to having to flip a house with major construction, Mon KEN ideal has done it.  Its not easy finding the right person or company to say… trim your trees, or wash your windows, but at Mon KEN ideal we find ways to make these tasks much quicker and reliable.

Monken Ideal would like to announce that it has recently partnered with Forklift Rental USA, a leader in forklift and lift truck rentals. The partnership with Forklift Rental USA allows both Monken Ideal and Forklift Rental USA to better serve their customers. Now you can not only find the best forklift operators to perform jobs at your warehouse, but you can also quickly and easily get the best rates on all types of forklift rentals all at one place. The partnership between Monken Ideal and Forklift Rental USA is truly a win-win for both companies as well as consumers.